sample code: PHP and MySQL - phpFormMailer 

PHP code examples with database connectivity

PHP code examples with database connectivity
sample code

Just examples of PHP code, linking to your MySQL database and JavaScript.
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PHP code examples with database connectivity

All code updated April 2014, now uses PHP/PDO for database connectivity

3. Add a User

Below is the current single record within the database:

The username: fdgghgfhgf
The password: dfgdfg

Add your own username and password, enter your details below and click save.  DO NOT use valid details as the information you enter will be displayed above and the next visitor will be able to view them as you are now.

Add Your test username:

Add Your test password:


When you have added your own username and password move onto the Login page to test it!


Click here to view the PHP and JavaScript code used for this page, or download the free zip here

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sample code: PHP and MySQL - phpFormMailer